We are building the home of regenerative finance (ReFi), a powerful sector growing rapidly in popularity that utilises blockchain technology to benefit the planet around us passively.
Welcome to our Gitbook 👋👋. is a movement powered by blockchain technology and our community members (Kyotees) to harness the power of cryptocurrency and blockchain to make a planet positibe change.
What is is building the home of Regenerative Finance through its optimized and interoperable Kyoto blockchain, which aims to become the ReFi blockchain of choice. is building to improve and scale the carbon credit industry through bridging the 864 billion dollar carbon credit industry to Kyoto blockchain which hosts a suite of utility boosting applications.
By building on the Kyoto blockchain we hope to become the home of ReFi, a untethered market that could exceed trillions by 2030. Our blockchain will have optimized tools and compliance functions to build on, ensuring all projects on the Kyoto Blockchain are not greenwashing, or fraudulent.
The planet needs a solution, our talented team and loyal community believe is the answer.
How did begin its journey? is named after the first legislation to be signed by the United Nations to acknowledge climate change. - The Kyoto Protocol 1997.
With that in mind, the storyline of started with curiosity when the founder noticed similarities in comparison to carbon credits than that of bitcoin in 2016-17, with the notable issues surrounding accessibility and understanding. Planning for explosive growth, the team at expanded to a strong network, able to deliver on the promise of our mission.
The KyotoProtocol 1997 created emissions trading which has been subject to billions of dollars of fraud and miscounting huge sums of carbon offset, which directly impacts our planet. To avoid displacing 300 million homes, wide scale droughts and more volatile weather, technology needs to step in. is a blockchain driven technology stack that aims to improve and scale not only the carbon credit industry, but to incubate and become the home of regenerative finance (ReFi).
How did the Kyoto Token launch?
The Kyoto token was offered via fair launch with a market cap of $5m. No private tokens sales occurred. The Fair launch sold out in 9 hours and raised $2.388m USD. The Kyoto Token fair launch was the largest of its type on the BSC network. 🔥🚀
Our first month at a glance
The first month of Kyoto trading has seen enormous growth. To sellout the fair launch in the worst market conditions since 2018 was a great accomplishement by the Kyoto team in its own right.
The subsequent launch has led to enormous growth in our vision, community and possibilities. The Kyoto team are creating a community driven blockchain which is naturally adopting interest from multiple sectors. has received grants and partnered with over 4 billion dollars worth of blockchains and has had extreme interest from WEB2 and WEB3 companies to seek opportunities for ReFi application to existing business models.

Notable updates coming August.

  1. 1.
    Kyoto Node program release.
  2. 2.
    Kyoto Council DAO.
  3. 3.
    Updated and improved roadmap.
  4. 4.
    Partnered marketing campaigns.
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    Referral system introduced.
Kyoto Token distribution phase
The Kyoto token is going through an important phase as it is currently distributing layer one mirror tokens during a 12 month period at a fixed daily return of 2.54%. The Kyoto Tokens that are being distrubuted to our loyal holders are mirror tokens that will be redeemable upon layer one migration, for the utility token of the Kyoto blockchain. is the worlds first decentralised multilayer finance protocol setup to assist, improve and scale the carbon credit industry through applications built the Kyoto blockchain . Our technology improves the slow and outdated carbon credit industry by implementing trustless smart contracts, on the secure kyoto blockchain ledger that houses optimised applications to support and scale ReFi.
Our mission is to make the carbon credit industry more transparent, efficient, and accessible making a real difference in the fight against climate change, whilst supporting other ReFi protocols creating planet positive technology. will disrupt traditional carbon offset markets scale regenerative finance (ReFi).
We have crafted a unique first of its kind fair launch genesis pool rebase layer one token distribution model that rewards users with a sustainable, fixed compound-interest return through the use of its auto-staking function. is a unique hybrid of $KYOTO owned platforms and services, driven by its flagship fintech company. Our team and network of partners are committed to delivering a world saving layer one to support all blockchains, companies and users earn passive revenues streams whilst generating carbon offset.
The Kyoto blockchain promotes decentralisation by distributing its layer one tokens to its holders through an auto staking, auto rebasing smart contract. This method is traditionally fairer to an end user (layer one token purchasee) as there has been no private sale. By distributing to token holders, our network is fairly distributed organically.
The Auto-Staking Protocol is a revolutionary financial asset that makes staking easier, more efficient and rewards $KYOTO token holders with the highest, consistent returns in crypto. gives the $KYOTO token automatic staking and compounding features, and the highest fixed APY in the market at 916,474% for the first 12 months.​
  • The Kyoto Token Insurance Fund We have structured our fees to send 5% to the Insurance Fund. In doing so, we help sustain and back the staking rewards by establishing price stability and greatly reducing downside risk.
  • Staking, Simplified - The $KYOTO token embodies the virtues of a decentralized system. It is held in your wallet and never in the control of an intermediary or centralized authority. Simply buy and hold and watch the rewards accrue.
  • Compound-Interest, Automated - Unlike other protocols, simply holding in your wallet will provide rewards. There is no need to re-stake. Interest is always yielding and always compounding in your wallet.
  • Highest Fixed APY - $KYOTO will generate a monstrous 916,474.00% APY in the first 12 months, a number that is the best in it's class. After the first 12 months, the Kyoto Foundation will migrate $KYOTO to its own layer one blockchain. - Making $KYOTO the utility token of the network.
  • Interest Paid Quickly - pays every $KYOTO token holder each and every 15 minutes, or 96 times each day, making it one of the fastest auto-compounding protocols in crypto.
  • The Kyoto Token Burn Pit - An innovative feature of is an automated burn system, the Kyoto token Burn Pit which prevents inflation of the circulating supply.
  • Better protocol than the competition - We have taken inspiration from Titano and Safuu and built a better product with real world utility!
  • Certik Audit & KYC
  • Increased APY, with uniquely adjusted taxation system to support a higher APY to our most loyal holders.
  • A real usecase unlike most DeFi projects. will connect and boost two multi-billion/trillion dollar industries. (Carbon offset & De-Fi/Cryptocurrency/Blockchain). uses a calculated system to support its price and the genesis pool rebase rewards. It includes the Kyoto Token Insurance fund which serves as an insurance fund to achieve price stability and long-term sustainability of by maintaining a consistent 0.02604% rebase rate paid to all $KYOTO token holders every 15 minutes. The team has engineered a unique, first of its type launch system that will function seamlessly. The genesis pool rebase layer one token distribution model is just the start. plans on constantly pushing the bounderies of innovation to deliver an ecosystem of new technologies.
Our team is committed to creating a movement by taking our planet saving technology public through decentralised applications. Our team is our community and our community own
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