Introduction is distributing its layer one tokens during the genesis period to the community and will reward its most loyal holders.
After paying exceptional returns to $KYOTO holders during year one, our tokens can be exchanged 1-1 for our posA layer one blockchain where $KYOTO is the native token.
​ will migrate all technology (Smart contract derived DEFI carbon credit services) to its own layer one with a new marketplace which includes, but is not limited to:
· Carbon Credit Decentralised Exchanges (swaps)
· Offset Leader board
· Smart Pool Liquidity Offset Staking
· carbon credit p2p trading
· carbon credit verification (synthetic assets)
All technology owned by reduces costs, creates revenue streams and assists the overall growth and blockchain adoption to the carbon credit and offset industries.
The layer One will generate revenues through our full suite of De-Fi products and services and all revenues generated will directly benefit the community and $KYOTO holders.