Carbon credit marketplaces

The ultimate way to access carbon. is a liquidity driving layer one protocol. Prior to its layer one migration will build a network of carbon credit marketplaces in partnership with innovative blockchains. Prior to the fair launch of the Kyoto Token has secured multiple partnerships to build its utility boosting carbon credit decentralized marketplaces. This is exciting for many reasons.
  1. 1.
    Giving all blockchain users the ability to offset carbon emissions without leaving a native chain. How cool is this? Currently blockchains are investing billions into business development ‘on chain’, all of these businesses will create a carbon footprint. It is only a matter of time until carbon credits are widely traded on blockchain as a method of offsetting for the businesses building on chain. is a thought leader when it comes to this, by giving additional utility, passive income and access to certified carbon credits.
We all create damage and we need to clean up after ourselves but this doesn't have to cost us anything. enables any user the ability to passively earn carbon offset to help in the fight against climate change. positions itself between two massively bullish sectors and aims to be the liquidity generating, providing bridge and vertically integrate our technology to improve the dangerously lagging carbon credit industry.
2. Kyoto Tokens have immediate utility and trust.
Building a successful cryptocurrency can sometimes be seen as a dark art. With meme coins with no utility outperforming some of the most thought provoking innovative blockchain applications, it's no wonder why.
The team at understands that for a token to be successful over a macro time frame it needs to have utility which is why has worked heavily in the background proving our legitimacy by obtaining multiple pre-launch partnerships to home the initial rollout of our partnered carbon credit marketplaces. This gives immediate utility to the kyoto token as liquidity providers will earn 50% of the certified carbon offset credits (fees) generated on the marketplaces.
3. A planet saving, revenue generating carbon credit marketplace
The name carbon credit marketplace can be very ambiguous. Whilst we're keeping our cards close to our chest in terms of technological implementation, we can share that users of the native blockchains we partner with will be able to earn, stake and loan carbon credits, whilst being able to generate passive certified carbon credits that carry a tangible value by providing liquidity.
This allows the Kyoto Foundation to carry out planet saving reforestation work globally. We drawdown on the liquidity rewards and marketplace fees to acquire land, plant trees and invest into clean carbon technology. All of our operations generate a certified standard of carbon credit that carries a tangible value. During this process the utmost transparency is given to our user base. This is to ensure no liquidity rewards taken are misspent. Certified carbon credits which are generated from our operations are then mirrored in the form of a synthetic carbon credit which we then airdrop back to liquidity providers. Liquidity providers can sell, trade, stake or loan the rewards on our partnered carbon credit marketplaces, completing a lucrative financial cycle.
When will the first carbon credit marketplace be available? We have partnered with Near Protocol by receivership of a grant to build our first carbon credit marketplace for its sustainably focused blockchain. The first carbon credit marketplace will be released on Near Protocol by the end of Q3 this year.
How will the first carbon credits be airdropped? Prior to the launch of our first partnered carbon credit marketplace the Kyoto Foundation will reward $KYOTO holders with a certified carbon credit airdrop in the form of $KYCR, our synthetic carbon credit.
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