The blockchain alliance

We are teaming up with innovating sustainably focused blockchain companies to deliver access to carbon neutrality to the WEB3 world. was named after the original legislation which created carbon as a commodity all the way back in 1997. Since then governments have spent billions trying to improve efforts in the losing battle against climate change. This has led the Kyoto Protocol legislation to be written over and replaced by the paris agreement and more recently the COP26. is teaming up with some of the most innovative companies which implement blockchain technology to show how a transparent open blockchain ledger can improve the sustainability of the carbon credit markets, as millions of tons of claimed co2 offset gets double counted or leaked into the atmosphere every year.
How does the blockchain alliance work?
The blockchain alliance is a collective group of companies that assist in promoting a data driven carbon credit industry. All members of the blockchain alliance are committed to give its own ecosystem the access to a more sustainable future.
How do I find out more about the blockchain alliance?
Public partnerships can already be found via our official social media accounts. We will be releasing more information in regards to our blockchain alliance with our partners in the very near future. partners with CUDOS ahead of its fair launch Partners with Near Protocol to rollout its first carbon credit marketplace!