The Kyoto Foundation

Giving ultimate utility to Kyoto Token holders.
The Kyoto Foundation is the fintech entity that is in charge of the ecosystem development. In parallel to our genesis token distribution phase, the Kyoto Foundation will not only build decentralized applications to add utility to carbon offset credits such as partnered blockchain carbon offset marketplaces, but integrate our dApps to roll out onto our multichain layer one bridge.
The Kyoto foundation will be the biggest holder of the Kyoto Token to maintain token supply from hyperinflating. Upon migration to our Kyoto Token layer one blockchain, large amounts of $KYOTO will be burnt.
Alongside immediate utility, partnerships and deflationary tokenomics the Kyoto Foundation will lead a public raise for the fintech equity to acquire liquidity across multiple layer one and layer two blockchains. Revenue from the multiple protocol owned liquidity will be used to sustain our token ecosystem, support offset generating projects whilst airdropping synthetic carbon credits to our token holders.
Treasury wallet: