$KYOTO / $KYCR Tokens

The governance token of the whole ecosystem.

Introducing the Kyoto Token.

Simply put, Kyoto Tokens are shares in the whole blockchain ecosystem and are offered via fair launch. Like, Kyoto Tokens will embrace constant innovation and have a roadmap of its own.
During its genesis distribution phase the Kyoto Foundation will add utility to the Kyoto Token by building partnerships, applications and customer base. Kyoto Token holders will not only recieve 96 payments a day, but the confidence that our team is broadening the utility and revenues of which directly benefits Kyoto Token holders.
Prior to the fair launch of our genesis pool, our team have secured a number of partnerships from well established entities. Read about our planet saving partnership with CUDOS here and to see more partnerships visit our Twitter.​
Our partnership ecosystem is under constant expansion.
$KYOTO will be released via fair launch, providing holders with compounded rewards every 15 minutes with a hardcoded supply of 3.25 Billion tokens.
$KYOTO can be purchased or sold on our partnered dex and the liquidity pair will be KYOTO/BNB.
Layer one $KYOTO tokens be the core utility token to the whole ecosystem. More information on utility and platforms will be released via official social channels.
$KYOTO token smart contract address: